From the Desk of Michael Kahn, Performics Worldwide CEO

We’ve had a really exciting Q1 here at Performics. I’ve been travelling the world—from Chicago, to Dubai, to London, to Berlin—meeting with our performance marketing staff and our growing client base. I’ve seen first-hand our “boots on the ground,” and I know that we’re building the agency of the future, as our teams and tools are on 24/7 both globally and locally. Our recent RECMA Top 30 Global Digital Agency Network recognition is a testament to our expanding global footprint and the multi-market performance/success that we’re driving for our clients. As an agency, we’re embracing a non-linear world where consumers move fluidly across channels, devices and even borders. And—more than ever—Performics itself is moving fluidly across consumer decision points to capture and convert intent, driven by our Performics Lens. Participants are leaving behind a measurable trail of data at every step as they move across the digital ecosystem. We view this as a transformational opportunity to generate a data-driven understanding that identifies and defines expressions, motivations and actions that indicate a path to purchase. Which, in turn, enables us to create cutting-edge personalized experiences that deliver ultimate ROI. Underlying this robust view of the performance opportunity, are our more practical beliefs as an agency: • We know less today than we will know tomorrow • Our best work is still to come • We must relentlessly, restlessly pursue results • We must move the business ahead every day • We do our best work exhibiting passionate partnership, consultative leadership and integrated solutions Among many things, my job is to set the pace at Performics. And I believe that our ability to be fluid, fast and frictionless will set us apart. Cheers! Michael

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