Getting the Most out of Canadian Paid Search Campaigns

Posted by Steve Durisin, Program Manager (Paid Search)

Canada is expected to show exponential growth in paid search in the next few years.  Managing a Canadian paid search campaign is similar to managing a US campaign, but there are some additional steps that can be taken in order to get the most out of the program:

·         If the client has a .ca site, send the traffic there

·         Make sure the copy is relevant to the group of Canadians that are being targeted, whether they are English or French-speaking

·         Make it evident that products are shipping from Canada, as Canadian consumers will be looking to use their own currency to buy  products that arrive faster and are less expensive to ship

A Canadian electronics company recently tapped Performics to strengthen their paid search program, which was not performing to its full potential.  In order to expand the client’s program in the Canadian market, Performics took a three-pronged approach:

·         Keyword Expansion: Keyword specialists implemented an aggressive keyword strategy involving the addition of thousands of keywords, including derivatives, generic terms and Canadian specific modified terms. The new keyword list was representative of the product suite available on the .ca Web site.

·         Copy Development: Copy specialists conducted a thorough assessment of the program to ensure that relevant ads were associated with the .ca Web site. Copy testing and best practices were also utilized to include Canadian specific and promotional messaging throughout the program.

·         Landing Page Management: Landing pages were analyzed and tested to verify page validity and relevancy. This thorough process ensured keywords were linked to the most compelling landing pages.

These strategies sparked significant growth opportunities for the client’s Canadian Web site as compared to the previous year.  Impressions increased 198%, clicks increased 63%, and revenue increased 70%.

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