Google Ad Sitelinks Now Available for Any Campaign

Search Happenings: Weekly Search Headlines
June 18, 2010
Search Happenings: Weekly Search Headlines
July 9, 2010

Google Ad Sitelinks Now Available for Any Campaign

Posted by Heather Cohen, Account Manager

Last week, Google announced new one-line ad sitelinks that are available to all advertisers that meet a certain Quality Score.  The Quality Score threshold is lower than two-line sitelinks.

The new format for sitelinks allows advertisers to show on more keywords.  This new format has its own Quality Score threshold and serves as a one-line format vs. the prior two-line only format.  This new format combines with the current sitelinks product and will serve automatically when ads meet the one-line quality threshold.  Accounts no longer need to pre-qualify to run sitelinks.  Sitelinks can now appear for your non-branded campaigns in addition to branded campaigns.

A few positives from this Google update include:

  • Additional links can now appear for non-branded terms as well as branded terms.  This can result in increased click-through-rate (CTR) for non-branded terms.
  • Sitelinks will now show on more keywords that may not have originally met the pre-update Quality Score threshold.

Possible negatives from this update include:

  • Depending on their Quality Score, competitors who bid on your brand terms could now show the links as well, possibly taking clicks away from you.

See below for an example of what the new sitelinks look like:


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