Google Brings Dynamic Structured Snippets to Search Ads: Bolsters More Relevant Ad Experiences for Searchers

Post by Nonie Carson, Marketing Specialist with insights from Cristina Schultz, Media Manager

Google is continuing its quest to serve more personalized and relevant ad experiences. The search engine recently announced an update that will impact paid search ad performance, called dynamic structured snippets. These data snippets (pulled from the ad’s landing page and automatically inserted into eligible ads) will now play a factor in ad ranking.

Structured snippets are not new to search. Last September, Google rolled out structured snippets to organic search results to deliver improved search experiences. This update came with additional algorithms to support the quality of data being pulled into the search result. Structured snippets are beneficial to searchers because they provide additional information and give a preview of what information is behind the search result.

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Google notes dynamic structured snippets will only appear in eligible ads (meaning the search query and landing page have a matching category). Currently, dynamic snippets only show for retail, hotel and flight related queries, but Google plans to roll-out across more searches in the near future.

Dynamic structured snippets are eligible for ads in campaigns opted into “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network Only.” Advertisers can see performance of these snippets through additional reporting available via the Ad Extensions Tab, called “automated extensions report.”

Advertisers have the option to opt-out of dynamic structured snippets, but considering it will be a factor in ad rank, brands that opt-out of these automated extensions risk losing visibility on the search engine results page (SERP) to competitors.


Automated extensions are advantageous to advertisers because they typically boost ad performance and share additional information about product and services. This will help brands further distinguish themselves amongst similar ads on the SERP and create a more seamless path-to-purchase. Brand should keep a pulse on the following performance metrics:

  • Click-through rate (CTR): Monitor CTR for ads showing dynamic structured snippets. While brands should expect to see an increase in click-through rate from additional information—if CTR decreases—this is a good tell that landing page content isn’t relevant to search intent.
  • Bounce rate: Expect to see a decrease in bounce rate as searchers gain landing page visibility. Searchers that click on ads with automated extensions will have a better idea if the site’s content matches their needs.
  • Ad Rank: Ad extensions are now a factor in determining ad rank and can impact an ad’s positioning on the SERP. Brands should consider organizing their website so that Google’s crawlers can better determine relevant data snippets to insert into the brand’s paid search ad for optimal ranking.
  • Cost-per-click (CPC): Google notes that advertisers with highly relevant ad extensions may see lower CPCs, thus drive more efficient ad performance.
  • Traffic: Expect to see a change in impressions and clicks if ad rank is impacted. Additional text should create more compelling content and drive incremental clicks on ads.


Not only will dynamic structured snippets increase the possibly of more visitors to a brand’s website, it encourages search analysts to create accounts that contain relative keywords with higher quality scores. If marketers remember the key components that make up quality score when optimizing for performance; expected CTR, ad relevance, and landing page experience, brands will likely have the advantage of getting this extension to show with their ad on the SERP.

When searcher intent is related to an ad, and that ad is an accurate reflection of the content on the landing page, Google’s latest extension-based update rewards brands by giving them an additional descriptive line- a line that could bring more awareness, site traffic and sales. In the many optimizations and changes available to search analysts, triggering this extension will be highly impactful when boosting ad performance. And it all comes down to relevancy.

For more info regarding dynamic structured snippets, please contact your performance account team today.

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