Google Exact Match Keyword Update: Implications for Brands

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March 13, 2017
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March 29, 2017

Google Exact Match Keyword Update: Implications for Brands

With insights from Andrea Mann, Group Media Director


In late April of 2017, Google will be updating exact match keyword requirements. This update will take effect as long as the meaning and context of the impacted keywords remain the same:

(1) The order of words within the query will not be a factor in Exact Match after the update
– “Grubhub order food” will now match to “order food Grubhub”

(2) Google will start ignoring prepositions, articles, conjunctions, etc. (i.e. a, the, of)
– “Grubhub order my food online” will now match to “Grubhub order food online”


The keyword update will allow consumers to connect more easily with brands, allowing them to find what they’re looking for based upon the intent of their search. In fact, brands may see an increase in exact match clicks on average while also maintaining comparable click through rates and conversion rates.

Most advertisers will find that they are matching to more queries without needing to actually increase the number of keywords in their Google AdWords account. If there are instances in which stop words or word-order alteration changes the overall meaning, then advertisers will proactively want to add those keywords as negatives.

Paying close attention to search query reports for a few weeks immediately following the update will allow advertisers to see which close variants they should map out.

For more information on Google’s exact match keyword update, contact Performics today.

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