Google Has Made It Easy to Ensure Your Landing Page Message Matches Your Ad Copy, Every Time

Posted by Tim Smith, Senior UX Designer, Conversion Optimization

It's one of the first things we preach in our sermons about landing page best practices: "Message match, message match, message match"! That is, a blatantly obvious match of your message from ad to landing page.

Now, Google has made it easier for all of us! Earlier this year, Google implemented a ValueTrack feature for AdWords that allows you to pass various dynamic values specific to your search campaign.

Anyone running a paid search campaign is probably already using this feature for channel-specific tracking or keyword/match type analysis. Even though the exact implementation will vary by search vendor/platform, the results should all be positive.

This is exciting for landing page and conversion optimizers because we can leverage the feature to boost our landing page success using message match. A simple application would be to set up a database for a quick call to update the headline on the page with an exact match of the ad copy, but the possibilities are virtually limitless. With a little bit of work and creativity, we’re able to guarantee a conversion-friendly user experience that is bound to help the bottom line and provide great insight into how specific PPC campaigns perform from the SERP to the landing page and beyond.

However you choose to implement it, ValueTrack should make message match a breeze, whether you have 10 or 10,000 landing pages. Use this type of set-up for matching promotions, pricing, and geo-specific messaging and get new visibility into how each affects the entire conversion path.

Read all about working with Google's ValueTrack here.

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