Google Insights for Search Provides Actionable Data for Paid Search Marketers

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August 11, 2008
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Google Insights for Search Provides Actionable Data for Paid Search Marketers

Posted by Danielle Gantos, Program Manager (Paid Search)

Last week, Google launched Google Insights for Search, which allows users insight into keyword search volume across different geographies, categories (such as health or sports) and time frames.  Google Insights for search provides paid search marketers with some valuable data that can be used to help better optimize campaigns:

Geographic Distribution: Marketers can determine interest level trends for terms and categories by geography (country, state and city).  This allows paid search marketers to see a relative comparison of search interest by geography, helping to better target local ads. Budget and efforts can therefore be better focused to drive the most qualified traffic for a campaign.

Seasonality: Insights also shows interest levels over various time periods, such as seasonality trends for categories within a certain week or month.  Marketers can use this data to allocate budget more effectively.  For example, search volume levels on the terms “computer” and “pc” peak on Saturdays and Sundays, while the overall Computers & Electronics category interest level is much higher during the middle of the week. 

This allows marketers to forecast interest levels and potential volume.

The related terms and rising searches data also compares categories and specific terms to information marketers generally don’t already have access to, such as which related searches are growing and have the highest levels of interest relative to each other.  Marketers can build and expand campaigns with data on the relative forecasted volume to existing campaigns.  Google Insights for Search should definitely be added to the data and trends toolkit of every paid search marketer.

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