Google Merges YouTube TrueView In-Search & In-Display: Simplified Campaign Management & New Targeting Opportunities

Google recently announced that TrueView In-Search and TrueView In-Display will be merged into a singular buying and management format called TrueView In-Display.  The TrueView In-Search product won’t change; it will just be consolidated into TrueView In-Display for simplified ad creation and management.  Like always, the new True-View In-Display ads will run on the YouTube Search Network, YouTube Video Network and Google Display Network (GDN). Old: TrueView 1New: TrueView 2*images courtesy of Google Starting April 15th, old TrueView In-Search features will be available via TrueView In-Display.  As of May 15th, advertisers will be automatically upgraded (from the old TrueView In-Search to the new In-Display). PERFORMANCE IMPLICATIONS Mainly, this change will enable advertisers to streamline management.  It will also give old TrueView In-Search advertisers additional targeting capabilities.  For instance, old TrueView In-Search advertisers can continue to bid on YouTube Search keywords; but now, they can also layer on additional targeting like interests, demographics or remarketing lists, if they wish (e.g. advertisers can reach users who search on “brand” keyword and who are also age 18-34).  Rich targeting capabilities include:

  1. Demographic targeting: Ads targeted at gender and age level.  Bids can be controlled for a specific gender or age.
  2. Topic targeting: Ads targeted to specific websites related to the content of selected topics
  3. Keyword targeting: Advertisers can chose keywords that best fit their campaigns to help target relevant websites visited by their customers
  4. Affinity targeting: Categories-in-interest targeting list
  5. Interest targeting: Category-level targeting that serves ads to people interested in a product or service similar to your offerings
  6. Remarketing targeting: Targeting option that cookies site visitors and enables advertisers to continue to serve relevant ads as visitors browse other sites

In the new format, advertisers can still choose to only run ads on the YouTube Search Network.  This can be done by selecting YouTube Search as the only network on your Campaign Settings page.  Additionally, TrueView ads will not change in appearance on YouTube Search. YOUTUBE OPPORTUNITIES Advertisers should take advantage of these new targeting and management capabilities to test YouTube’s unique advertising opportunities.  YouTube ads are especially effective at supporting other advertising campaigns, like television.  Participants often search for your brand on YouTube to learn more after seeing your TV ad.  Additionally, people often turn to YouTube for recommendations and “how-to” videos; your brand should be visible in your category.  At Performics, we’ve seen success with various formats, including: TrueView 3 TrueView 4TrueView 5.jpgThe consolidation of TrueView In-Search and In-Display offers streamlined management, as well as new rich targeting opportunities.  All advertisers should test YouTube to drive performance.

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