Google Offers Extends Your Google Enhanced Campaigns

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May 31, 2013
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June 5, 2013

Google Offers Extends Your Google Enhanced Campaigns

There are several new ways to engage your participants through Google Enhanced Campaigns (GEC). One way is through Ad Extensions. To be specific, Google Offers Extension. You might ask, “what exactly is Google Offers?” Google Offers – similar to Groupon – provides people with deals and coupons. Subscribers pre-pay for the one-time offer, receive the code (or may print a pass) and redeem at the retailer. Google Offers can be integrated into top-sponsored paid search ads via Google Offers extensions, and allows advertisers to track users that opened the code and converted on the site later. Look at the example below: Google Offers Extension     As you switch to Google Enhanced Campaigns, now is a good time to review what Offer Extensions can add to your search marketing efforts. Here are three ways Offer Extensions can improve your next search campaign: 1. Promotion Enhancement If you are looking for a way to extend the life of your promotion, this is it. Offer Extension helps generate more attention towards the promotion by its prominent placement in search results. Coupled with the insight you gain from tracking the conversion results, you are able to leverage the information for you next promotion. 2. Increases Visibility Look at the below example. Google Offers increases your brand visibility! With the two extra lines of copy, your visibility on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) increases and draws additional participants. Google Offers Extension 4   3. Bridges Search and Offline Purchases Google Offers enables retailers to close the gap, or bridge the relationship, between search and offline purchases. Since the offer code is tied to a particular individual, after they complete their purchase, as an advertiser you are able to gather valuable information on the search to purchase conversion pathway. Case Study: At Performics, we recently tested the effectiveness of driving offline and online conversions for a retailer client via paid search Google Offers Extension. For the multichannel retail client, we ran a 3 day offer campaign on desktop and mobile for a large set of keywords, promoting 15% off. Searchers were able to redeem their offer by entering a promo code online, printing an in-store shopping pass or showing their mobile device to their store cashier. The results? In offline alone, users generated over 3,000 desktop transactions in the three days, and over 1,000 transactions via mobile. Interestingly, the number of transactions was higher than the number of actual ad clicks. This was due to people sharing the offer with friends once they discovered it via paid search. Have further questions about Google Enhanced Campaigns‘ changes? Contact your Performics expert today, and they will gladly help answer your questions.

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