Google Quality Score 101

Posted by Stephanie Norman, Manager, Strategic Partnerships

What is Quality Score?

Quality Score is a dynamic variable calculated for each of the keywords in a Google paid search campaign.  It is a dynamic score that is calculated after a 1,000 impression threshold.   Quality Score combines a variety of factors and measures how relevant a keyword is to the ad text of that keyword and to a user's search query.  There is no weight given to one factor over another.  Other Quality Score factors include:

  • Keyword history

  • Landing page quality (relevance of the keyword to the landing page)
  • Landing page load time
  • Keyword relevancy
  • The relevance of the keyword to the ads in its ad group
  • The relevance of the keyword and the matched ad to the search query
  • The account's performance in the geographical region where the ad will be shown
  • Engineering factors (other relevancy factors that Google does not disclose; complex algorithms on the backend)

New Quality Score Enhancements Rolled out in Q3 of 2008

  • Real time Quality Score will now be calculated at the time of each search query.  As a result, more relevant, higher quality ads can show, which drive more qualified searchers to your landing pages.

  • Keywords will no longer be marked ‘inactive for search’.  Moving forward, all keywords will have the chance to show ads on and the Google Network (unless they are paused or deleted).                                                                                             
  • First Page Bid will replace Min Bid.  This change will give you better guidance for the bid required to receive significance impressions for your ads. 
  • Google shows Quality Ratings of 1-10 for each keyword.  In the report center, AdWords users can also pull a keyword Quality Score report.

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