Google Search Media Ads Boost CTRs for Movie Studios

Posted by Stacy Coe, Account Manager

Google recently launched Search Media Ads, an entirely new expandable video ad format. Media Ads rolled out at the end of March focusing on movie studios as the first advertisers to test the new feature.

Performics’ client 20th Century Fox was one of the first studios to launch a campaign utilizing the attractive new ads to expand the reach of movie trailers. Fox Theatrical first tested ads with Mr. Popper’s Penguins to much success—the CTR of media ads was 475% higher than traditional search ads. A few weeks later, Google rolled the ads out to home entertainment studios. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment took immediate advantage of this offer and became the first home entertainment segment to launch Search Media Ads.

Search Media Ads are different from video plus box ads in that they always appear in the top position with a built in video preview. The ads are automatically targeted and don’t rely on a set of keywords to trigger the appearance. Instead the Media Ads appear when a relevant movie title-related search is performed. 

Google Media Ads 1 
Media Ads use a video hosted on YouTube.  When clicked they expand over the search engine results for an easier and larger viewing experience of the trailer. This cutting-edge viewing feature is known as a Lightbox media player, creating a more theater-like viewing experience for users (screenshot below). Each video view via a Search Media Ad is counted on YouTube as a view as well. Once the video expands, users also have the option to watch the video in full screen mode.

Google Media Ads 2 

Currently the ads are only available to movie studios at a fixed CPC. Although the future of the ads is unknown, they will most likely be released to all advertisers and potentially adopt a bidding system like traditional ads.

Be on the look-out for the latest stylish Media Ads as the summer movie season approaches!

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