Google’s Broad Core Algorithm Update: What We Know

Post by Chris Chapa, Content Director


Did you (or your clients) notice a shakeup in keyword rankings throughout the first week of August? If so, you’re not alone. Google recently confirmed the release of a “broad core algorithm update” on August 1st through their SearchLiaison Twitter account, stating that there would be some broad changes made to Google’s ranking algorithm as well as some “specific improvements” meant to increase the quality of search results. As is common with these announcements from Google, they were vague about what “specific improvements” entails, leaving webmasters to connect the dots themselves on what may have changed and how to adjust.

Although Google suggests that broad core algorithm updates are routine and happen many times throughout the year, not all updates cause the kind of performance fluctuations observed across the board since this most recent change, dubbed the “Medic Update.” As SEO practitioners, we dissect these announcements from Google to try and discern what specific factors have gained or lost importance as it relates to influencing organic keyword rankings. Failing that, we turn to the greater search community to share insights and gain some broad perspective on the impact of the algorithm update. Moz reports that the change appears to have hit websites in the Health and Wellness vertical the most, leading to a great deal of volatility in organic keyword rankings. At a broader level, it seems that this most recent update is a general “tightening up” of the results to favor websites with greater perceived expertise, authoritativeness, or trust within a given vertical or industry.


At Performics, we’ve noticed that, in general, our SEO clients’ keyword rankings have seen a positive impact since the rollout of this broad core algorithm update. One of our clients was even included as part of Moz’s “Top 30 Winners” coming out of the seven day period over which the algorithm change was rolled out from July 31 – August 7. Since we work with our SEO clients to optimize their existing content and build new content to improve their authority and expertise for their given industry or vertical, we’re encouraged to see Google align their algorithm to reward those efforts and make search results more useful for their users.

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