Google’s Core Algorithm Update: Implications for Brands

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January 14, 2016
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January 19, 2016

Google’s Core Algorithm Update: Implications for Brands

Post by Meghan Ryan, SEO Specialist

Over the weekend, Google made a significant core algorithm update that rocked many websites’ rankings. Google hasn’t stated the exact changes in its update, only that it was a core update of “frequent quality updates,” as tweeted by Google’s Zineb Ait Bahajji.

Google Update - Core

Zineb Ait’s tweet, which translated, states: “That means there was no name [for the update]. It is simply one of frequent quality updates.”

What you should do

Check your websites’ keywords and look for any big drops or gains in ranking. With a core update, many websites see big fluctuations in their rankings. If you see any significant ranking fluctuations, evaluate your website’s health by ensuring there is no content which may seem “spammy” or low quality.

Was this a Penguin update?

Upon first noticing fluctuations in rankings, many SEOs believed this to be a Penguin update. Penguin updates are Google’s way of filtering out websites that have bought “bad” links designed to boost rankings. Google forestalled a Penguin update at the end of 2015, stating that they would release it in 2016.

What about a Panda update?

On the same day that Google announced its core algorithm update, it also announced that the Panda algorithm is now part of the core ranking algorithm. Although this was announced the same time as the core algorithm update, the inclusion of Panda likely occurred months ago in 2015. The Panda algorithm is a filter which devalues websites with poor-quality content, allowing websites with good content to rank more highly.



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