Holiday Wish Lists: Gadgets

Posted by Cristina Lucero, Research Associate

This year, many holiday wish lists include gadgets like smartphones, TVs, tablets, Blu-ray players, 3-D TVs and desktop computers.  Of all demographics, dads with young kids are most likely to want these gifts, as well as purchase them for others.  For instance—according to Ipsos—42% of dads said they were planning to purchase a smartphone this year compared to 34% of moms. 

Additionally, African-American and Hispanic parents of children aged 6–14 are more likely to buy smartphones and TVs than their Caucasian counterparts—47% and 48% respectively, compared to only 33% of Caucasian families.  Below is a table from Ipsos showing which demographic groups plan to purchase various consumer electronic products this holiday.  Some interesting findings include that 25% of Asian/Pacific Islanders plan to purchase the iPad 2, and 22% of Hispanics plan to purchase a 3-D TV:

Ipsos graphic

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