How Does Social Impact the SERP? – Performics’ Take

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March 15, 2013
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How Does Social Impact the SERP? – Performics’ Take

Posted by Jennifer Hyla, Director, SEO; Christina Carlile, Associate Director, Strategy & Analytics; Megan Halscheid, Director, Performance Media Leaders across the Performics SEO, Strategy & Analytics and Performance Media Teams have developed a new product and service that demonstrates how search engines are using social data signals to influence their algorithms and personalize each user’s search experience. The new product is called a “Social SERP Audit.” The audit is an analysis of 60+ social metrics that are influencing the search experience and is organized by Engagement and Channel Visibility of brands and their social communities. performics social audit The audit analysis reveals what brands should be doing to better optimize their social channels and native websites to empower better participation, and ultimately brand domination of the search experience. In addition to rich insights, Performics uses this audit to provide its clients with actionable social, site and search recommendations based on their current state of integration. This product stays consistent to the Performics DNA, where data analysis drives real-time actionable recommendations. Data is collected from Performics’ proprietary analytics tool, Socialtools, third party toolsets and manual analysis. The data is then scored, weighted, and analyzed to provide an overall brand score for the client and their competitive set. The Social SERP Audit is an ongoing, breathing, evaluation for a brand and its competitive set, accounting for the evergreen digital changes that take place on Search Engines like Google and social platforms like Facebook, every day. This new audit, accompanied by the analysis and the recommendations, is truly advancing the way we embrace Marketing in the Participation Age. Channels no longer exist in silos and we’re hoping this is the first step to help brands understand what it takes to be present every place that their participants or customers may be.

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