How Social Listening Data Can Be Used to Inform Paid Search Strategies

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January 5, 2010
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How Social Listening Data Can Be Used to Inform Paid Search Strategies

Posted by Lauren Woiteshek, Account Manager With the growing popularity of social sites like Twitter and Facebook, Social Listening has become a great way for advertisers to understand their consumers.  Social Listening data can also be used to influence how advertisers interact with consumers through media channels like paid search. Here are a few ways that Social Listening data can be used to influence paid search campaign tactics: Campaign Focuses

  • Create new search or content campaigns based on emerging consumer trends or what your target consumers are talking about on the social networks

Keyword Development

  • Develop new keywords by identifying new phrases that consumers are using to describe your brand or product

Copy Development

  • Include messaging and phrases in copy that your key consumer groups identify with based on what they are chatting about on the social networks
  • Test this copy against generic ads to ensure that you are not alienating other key consumer groups

Audience Segmentation

  • Identify new audiences for specific brands/products

Identify Brand Reputation Issues

  • Social listening can help you stay on top of reputational issues around your brand and help you identify when it may be time to execute a paid search reputation management campaign

Competitive Insights

  • Learn how your consumers view you vs. your main competitors to inform paid search tactics like keywords, copy and budget
  • Identify new or emerging competition based on consumer chatter

As social media continues to evolve, it is increasingly important for advertisers to utilize Social Listening data to help influence the way they interact with their consumers across paid search and ALL other media channels.

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