July: Digital Digest Feature

Over the last few years, we have seen the advent of social in the advertising space. Even more recently, with applications such as Pokémon Go, virtual/augmented reality has permeated our cultural consciousness. While the future state of both of these nascent channels is still a mystery, they nonetheless have and will continue to have significant implications onto how advertisers communicate with consumers. To this end, please enjoy the following pieces on social and virtual/augmented reality!

The Global Social Revolution

Around 32% of the global population and 68% of all internet users will access a social network regularly in 2016, up over 9% from 2015.

More Than Likes

Measuring ROI, securing budget and resources, and adhering to business objectives are the top challenges faced by social media professionals in North America.

What Buy Button?

Many expect buy buttons in social media networks to be next step in social commerce, but over 70% of US internet users would not use buy buttons or have never heard of the functionality.

Tweet Tweet

Twitter’s worldwide user base is projected to grow by approximately 11% in 2016, which is a slight increase compared to last year’s growth.

Is This Real Life?

The impact of virtual reality and its gaining mainstream attention onto the advertising space.


Nintendo’s augmented reality game, Pokémon Go, has taken the world by storm, and brands are trying to get in on the conversation.

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