Knowledge Management: A Key Corporate Competency, A Performics Competitive Advantage

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March 2, 2016
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March 11, 2016

Knowledge Management: A Key Corporate Competency, A Performics Competitive Advantage

Performics is now entering its sixth year as a global agency with a presence in 42 countries. We have reached this point through the sheer energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurship of our teams. But as we have grown to a staff of 1600+, our challenge has moved from expanding coverage to improving communications and collaboration. To drive greater team connectivity and consistency, we are increasingly focusing our investments and attention on knowledge management as a key network enabler and differentiator.

We define knowledge management as the platform and tools that allow our global teams to talk, share, strategize, produce and perform together on a real-time basis. These are critical attributes for a global performance agency expected to outperform today and lead tomorrow, on behalf of its clients.

Done right, knowledge management creates a frictionless and fluid work space where individuals and teams can work across space and time to drive operational efficiency and excellence.

It creates a “what I know/you know” world.

With data becoming the new black and information currency being table stakes for effectiveness management and leadership, we are earmarking knowledge management as a key priority behind our 2016 SOAR focus on scaling operations to advance results.

For all PFXers, we look to you, to jump in and support this Knowledge Management push. It will help us catapult our current state and the competition.

For our full PFX community, including clients and partners, think about your own efforts to share at the highest level.

Knowledge is power but in this era, only if it’s available to everyone.



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