Making the Most of Your Video Ad Spend

Post by Caterina Merenda, Marketing Specialist

Our online experience is mainly shaped by visuals. We watch videos on YouTube, whether they’re viral, informative, or brand-related. eMarketer states that companies in 2015 are spending $7.46 billion on video ads. By 2018, that number will skyrocket to $13.05 billion.

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On YouTube, brands are currently spending $2.2 billion, and by 2017, that will shoot up to $3.32 billion. That means we’ll be seeing even more YouTube ads.

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Video ads aren’t generally a crowd-pleaser. But according to ReelSEO, pre-roll ads are the most acceptable, while mid-roll ads are the least appealing. As expected, the more disruptive the ad, the less receptive the user.

Brands should focus on video ads and experiences that add value, not disruption. For instance, Performics clients have seen major success in implementing YouTube Cards, which we outline in this blog post. These shoppable cards enable brands to feature clickable products directly within YouTube videos. If interested, users can click on the shoppable card, and it will link them directly to the product page. This format is appealing to users and gives brands a great amount of flexibility and personalization.

Aol on Network also lists a few of the top video ad formats:

  1. Ad Extender: This format gives viewers the opportunity to continue watching a pre-roll ad for an extended amount of time. Aol on Network has found that this format provides a 112% lift in brand awareness.
  2. Ad Selector: This format gives the viewer the option to choose the pre-roll ad they want to watch. If the consumer is choosing to view your ad, the message will be a lot more relevant to them than someone who has to watch it.
  3. Spot-On: This format encourages engagement through native advertising. If the user clicks the call-to-action button, it gives them a choice of what type of content they would like to view. With this format, Aol on Network has found a 5.3% engagement rate.

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