March Gem Award: Max Crowe, Developer, Performance Content, Chicago

Max-Crowe-HeadshotWhy Max is our March Gem:

Nominated by Tim Gonzalez-Smith and Jen Hyla

Max is the not-so-secret secret weapon of our Performance Content team. He leads a very prolific one-man team, tasked with building, maintaining and updating many of the tools that make the department so successful.  His tools and applications allow us to solve problems, save time and innovate the work that we do.

While much of Max’s day-to-day is spent in a technical world, his real uniqueness lies in the ability to communicate with anyone and everyone. He can explain complex items in the simplest terms—and more incredibly—his ability to comprehend problems and questions delivered to him in any form.

Max is a true problem solver, a catalyst for change and progress. He’s got no give-up, no low gear and no shortage of good ideas.

He’s not just our Gem, or our department’s Gem, he’s definitely a Performics Gem!

Max’s Gift Selection:

AMEX gift card

About The Gem Award:

Performics Gem award is a peer-to-peer employee recognition program within Performics U.S. that recognizes outstanding performers who embody Performics mantra: Motivate participation, drive performance and optimize for action. Launched in January 2015, Performics selects one “Gem” each month based on peer nomination to receive a personalized gift valued at $1,200.

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