May: Digital Digest Feature

Advances in the mobile, social and virtual reality spaces have had a profound and disruptive impact on digital advertising; in fact, many organizations are still striving to optimize their mobile advertising efforts. Similar complexities also exist for social and virtual reality which, by comparison, are still in their infancy. Please take a look at the articles included below, which contain insights relative to each of these channels:

More iOS | 5 Minute Read

The size of the iOS audience in the US and UK is growing as competitors such as Blackberry continue to underperform.

Mobile Voice Search | Under 5 Minute Read

Voice search is growing as a result of the virtual assistant market, with Google reporting that 20% of its mobile queries are voice-generated.

Who Loves VR? | Under 5 Minute Read

The number of VR users is expected to grow by 275% from 2016 to 2020, reaching over 24 million users worldwide by that time.

Instagram & Snapchat Adoption | 5 Minute Read

While Instagram adoption is nearly ubiquitous across different industries, brands are much more hesitant to adopt Snapchat.

King of Live Streaming? | 5 Minute Read

A comparison of the Twitter Periscope and Facebook LIVE real-time video streaming applications and which one your campaign should leverage.

Consumer Expectations of the Future | 5 Minute Read

Over the next three years, internet users expect their mobile experience to be more personalized and entail faster payment methods.

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