Message Consistency: Keyword- Ad- Landing Page

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October 21, 2008
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October 23, 2008

Message Consistency: Keyword- Ad- Landing Page

Posted by Andy Murray, Program Manager, Paid Search

The user is in control of their search experience.  However, as marketers, we need to craft the user experience and interaction with our ads in the best way possible.  This is search 101, and common sense in ways, but is a very common error in search marketing campaigns.  The error being message inconsistency.  In order for the user to have the best experience, you need to make sure that your keywords, copy and landing pages are tightly wound together.

This is accomplished by utilizing search best practices in keyword development, copy creation, and landing page selection.


·         Only bid on keywords that are actually relevant to your Web site.

·         Avoid grouping high traffic keywords with low traffic keywords.

·         Segment keywords into groups with a common theme.

·         Bid on keywords that are found in your site’s content.


·         Use the main keywords you are targeting in the ad copy.

·         Use a strong call to action consistent with the search query and landing page.

Landing Page

·         Ensure that the keywords you are bidding on are somewhere on the landing page.

Ideally they would be the main theme.

·         Send the consumer to the most relevant landing page on your site.

Example:  Send people to the men’s socks page of your site rather than the main socks page when they search on ‘men’s socks.’

·         Ensure the landing page reinforces the message found in the ad copy.  If your copy mentions a promotion or guarantee, that should be easily found on the landing page.

Keep tight groupings of keywords, copy and landing pages.  Account structure has a huge impact on performance and the consumer experience of your website.  Make sure you do not have ad groups with hundreds of keywords.  Ideally, you would match a landing page and a few well crafted pieces of ad copy with 20 or less keywords.

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