New AdWords Reporting Feature: Free Clicks

Posted by Stacy Coe, Account Manager

Google has recently been updating the reporting functionality in the AdWords interface in an effort to make retrieving and analyzing data easier for advertisers. This week, AdWords launched “Free Clicks,” a report within the Dimensions tab of your AdWords account.

Free Clicks compiles user actions that don’t involve clicking through to your Web site and therefore don’t have an actual CPC. These actions include video views in CTP ads, as well as interactions with product plus box extensions, location extensions, video plus box extensions and display ads.

Data metrics currently measured include Get Directions, Display Ad Interaction, Display Ad Mouse Over for at Least 1 Second, Video Play 25%, Video Play 50%, Video Play 75% and Video Play 100%.

Free clicks 

This additional reporting feature will not only provide additional insight in an easier to retrieve fashion, but will also make defining what content attracts viewers and results in an action more straightforward for advertisers. As ads continue to incorporate interactive features, it’s important to understand the ROI of each interaction.

Free Clicks helps understand how users interact with your ads. More free clicks may indicate that viewers are able to retrieve necessary information without having to click through to your site.

Focused on driving video views? Use the Free Clicks reporting feature to measure customer interest in videos. If the display ad mouse over rate is much higher than the display ad interaction, a change in creative may be necessary to increase play rates. Or, if 100% video play is too low when compared to display ad interaction, videos may need to be updated to more effectively hold user attention.

Focused on location extensions? Free Clicks data displays Get Directions data. Compare Free Clicks with actual clicks to determine if users received the information they wanted solely by using the local ad extension’s Get Directions feature.

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