New Pinterest Ads Provide Unique Performance Media & Content Opportunities for Brands

A picture is worth a thousand words. Pinterest ads will now enable advertisers to take pictures and amplify them with advertising—exposing content to participants in a unique new way.  Last October, Pinterest announced a native ad offering in beta called Promoted Pins.  True to form, Promoted Pins enabled a few select advertisers to test “beautiful” paid pins that mimic Pinterest’s visual format—woven into organic content.  Now, Promoted Pins will make their debut to all advertisers, perhaps as soon as next month. Pinterest POVImage from Pinterest THE SCOOP Here’s what advertisers need to know about Promoted Pins:

  • They can be bought on a cost per click (CPC) basis for performance-oriented campaigns or CPM basis for branding campaigns
  • Advertisers can reach all Pinterest users (70M+), not just their own followers
  • It particular, advertisers can reach a relevant participant group who is not only interested in the advertiser’s own products/services, but also interested in the advertiser’s competitors’ products/services—without having to directly conquest
  • Ads will appear on, Pinterest’s mobile app and Pinterest search results
  • Pinterest is looking for a $1M to $2M commitment from initial advertisers
  • Beta test performance has been strong for advertisers like Four Seasons and Hellmann’s

PINTEREST ADS: A PERFORMANCE APPROACH Promoted Pins possess many of the characteristics of traditional performance marketing ads—akin to paid search, programmatic display or bidded social ads.  For instance, they can be bought on a CPC basis in real time, and targeted to ideal participants.  They then mix in performance content elements like beauty; in the words of Pinterest ad chief, Joanne Bradford, Promoted Pins are “works of art.”  To succeed with Promoted Pins, advertisers must leverage beautiful performance content with a performance-based buying and optimization approach, centered on (1) The Participant, (2) Targeting & Engagement, (3) Measurement & Analytics and (4) Test & Learn: 1) Participant

  • Tailor Promoted Pin content to the needs/wants of your customers—based on participant planning and insights.  Be authentic; create pins that align with your brand and customers.

2) Targeting & Engagement

  • Manage to a specific ROI by pulling CPC or CPM levers in real-time
  • Direct users to product/service landing pages from the pin—based on stage in the purchase process (e.g. learn more vs. buy product now)
  • Target users by expected targeting options like category feeds, geography, language, gender, OS, device and search keywords.  For instance, target specific users in category feeds (e.g. those interested in your product) and search results (e.g. those searching for keywords relevant to your business).
  • Use Pinterest dialect in call-to-actions like “pin,” “re-pin” and “pinner”
  • Use tall and light images that stand out. Tall images get re-pinned more frequently; lighter images get re-pinned 20X more than dark images.

3) Measurement  & Analytics

  • Leverage Pinterest’s analytics as well as your own onsite analytics
  • Define your KPIs (e.g. if your goal is to increase loyalty, re-pins is a good metric; if it’s acquisition, traffic originating from Pinterest is a good metric)
  • Track engagement: learn which pin content drives the most shares, sales or leads on both desktop and the mobile app

4) Test & Learn

  • Test, learn, repeat.  Optimize in real time based on analytics (e.g. swapping out images/copy that don’t perform as well as other images/copy).

Pinterest ads are a new opportunity that combine beautiful content with performance marketing characteristics like bidding, targeting, measurement and optimization.  Advertisers with experience in traditional performance channels like paid search can succeed with Promoted Pins, as well as elevate their games with ads that are much more visual than traditional paid search. To further explore the Promoted Pins opportunity, please contact your Performics Account Team today.

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