November Gem Award: Shannon Smith, Media Manager, Performance Media

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January 8, 2016
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November Gem Award: Shannon Smith, Media Manager, Performance Media

ShannonWhy Shannon is our November Gem:

Nominated by Angela Arnfelt, Senior Media Manager, Performance Media

Shannon has gone above and beyond in her role. She comes into work with a unique drive and motivation, and her positive attitude rubs off on the rest of the team. Aside from doing an outstanding job when it comes to her day to day responsibilities, Shannon always asks if she can take on more and has a consistent willingness to help others on the team, beyond her normal day-to-day.

There have had lots of changes on the team over the past six months. Shannon has been one of the few constants for our client, and she has taken on more and more responsibilities and always knocks it out of the park, despite her heavy workload. She constantly meets deadlines and drives the business forward with her strategic thinking.

We are so grateful for Shannon’s dedication and believe she is an absolute asset to this company. Shannon is definitely a GEM and deserves recognition for her outstanding work.

Shannon’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card


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