October Gem Award: Candace Exson, Specialist, Performance Content

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January 8, 2016
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October Gem Award: Candace Exson, Specialist, Performance Content

CandaceWhy Candace is our October Gem:

Nominated by Tim Gonzalez-Smith, Head of Design Services, Performance Content

Candace is one of those really quiet, really intelligent, really easy-to-work-with people. The kind of person that will be embarrassed if her name is called in a full-company meeting. It is, however, the balance of these traits that make her special.

With a shortage of experience and conversion strategy resources on the Performance Content team, Candace has taken it upon herself to expand her daily responsibilities to include UX audits, testing roadmaps, and general usability consultation. She’s digging deeper into analytics to inform test strategy. She’s conducting holistic audits for very complex conversion paths. She’s providing actionable recommendations for our content projects, allowing us to push forward as a group that is turning regular content into successful conversion tools.

There are two specific projects that stick out in our minds:

  • First, she developed and delivered a great engagement audit for helping our clients convert their blog pages into user-friendly experiences that encourage micro-conversions. The audit has since been used for multiple other clients with equally ecstatic reception. This type of work helps us turn our content creation into measurable experiences that make our work that much more valuable. This is the kind of work that is transforming the Content team and will be our differentiator in the marketplace.
  • The second project is more of a magic trick. She had a birthday in August and received a giant balloon as part of the celebration. This balloon is still flying high above her desk, still dancing in the office breeze and still reflecting the light of her wonderful smile. How does she keep it alive and full of air? How does she get away with nurturing this shimmering product without drawing attention to herself?

That’s her secret and that’s what makes her a true Performics gem.

Candace’s Gift Selection:

American Express Gift Card


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