Paid Search Best Practices for Leveraging Your Product Resellers

Posted by Stacy Gross, Account Manager

Many large retailers struggle to efficiently and effectively collaborate with their resellers to sell their products via paid search.  This can lead to missed opportunities to engage consumers, and even resellers cannibalizing your traffic and sales.  The keys to working with the resellers of your products are communication and collaboration.  Once the communication lines are open, here are a few best practices to leverage your resellers to maximize paid search sales and ROI:

Reseller Support/Collaboration

Retailers should reach out to collaborate and support their preferred partners.  This is the online equivalent of an end-cap in a physical retail store.  It includes providing your preferred partners with co-op dollars that they can use to increase visibility for your brand in a way dictated by you.  Uniting your resellers in terms of strategy and messaging can help you dominate the search engine results page (SERP) for your product/brand.  You can also work together with your resellers to push promotions. 

Integration and holistic reseller management can also drive in-store traffic.  For instance, a consumer may not think that their favorite store carries your product.  By providing that store with the means to promote your product via paid search (like co-op dollars), the reseller can make the consumer aware that they carry your brand.

Minimize Cannibalization

Many retailers compete with their resellers on the SERP in a way that hurts sales in the most profitable channels.  A retailer must set clear rules and guidelines to ensure their resellers/affiliates are not cannibalizing traffic and sales.  These rules may include copy guidelines such as price points where the reseller can promote your products.  You don't want to run "10% off" copy while your reseller runs "50% off" copy for the same product.  Rules may also include bidding guidelines such as never bid on top of you for brand terms.  Retailers should also make their resellers aware of upcoming promotions, especially in a time where consumers are extremely price sensitive.

Reseller Monitoring

It’s helpful to have automated tools in place to monitor your resellers to ensure they are following bidding guidelines, using your trademarks correctly and optimizing your co-op dollars.  It is especially important to closely monitor your resellers/affiliates during high volume times like holiday.  You also have to make sure your resellers/affiliates aren’t copying your ads.  Automated competitive monitoring tools are the best way to keep tabs on everyone promoting your product.

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