Paid Search Copy Testing Should be a Reoccurring Event

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July 10, 2008
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July 16, 2008

Paid Search Copy Testing Should be a Reoccurring Event

Posted by Michael Kahn, VP Account Management and Marketing

In optimizing paid search campaigns, Performics recommends robust testing of all the elements that impact conversion. This includes bid position by type of term on the front end and landing page user experience on the back end. Right in the center of the conversion funnel is ad copy.  We work with our clients on ongoing testing surrounding this variable.  It is where the query meets the brand.

In terms of best practices, here are our guidelines:

  • Identify ad groups that are underperforming versus the averages across your search campaign
  • Focus on mid-to-higher volume level ad groups to make sure you can gather enough data to draw conclusions from testing
  • Review the existing copy in these ad groups for its relevancy as related to the keyword and landing page user experience

  • Develop new and distinct copy approaches that could improve click-through and/or conversion rate
  • Develop 2 to 4 copy approaches altogether
  • Test on Google turning off the ad auto-optimizer so that all the ads can serve evenly
  • Run the test for at least two weeks to gather enough data depending on impressions and clicks for the keywords
  • Complete a thorough analysis pinpointing the copy “champion” based on click-through and conversion
  • Roll out the “champion” across all applicable ad groups and other search engines
  • Start the cycle again identifying underperforming ad groups and creating new copy “challengers” to be the reigning “champion”
  • Copy testing should be viewed as an ongoing opportunity for improvement versus a one-time tactic.

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