Participation Activated: 2014 Trends Report by Performics

For years, audiences have been fragmenting.  Participants move seamlessly across screens, channels & devices, creating highly personalized experiences.  They interact with brands wherever & whenever they want.  For marketers, the speed of participants—and the data they leave behind—can be overwhelming.  For Performics, it’s what motivates us.  We embrace fragmentation to find participants by leveraging data sources (search keywords, engagement metrics, demographics, browsing behaviors, etc.).  We then engage participants with highly personalized experiences at the right bid, in real-time, to Activate Participation—shares, clicks, actions, leads & sales. 2014 will bring a host of new analytics, content & channel opportunities that will aid in activating participation, which we explore in our Report.  Our three major themes for 2014 include: 1.  Data Shadowing:  The trail of trackable data left behind as participants move across channels & devices 2.  Content A.I.: The science of real-time content production driven by analysis of user behavior 3.  Virtual Marketplaces: The expansion of access by shoppers to products beyond physical stores & native sites

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