Participation Pillars Drives Performance

Although “search” is considered Performance Marketing, it was really the first type of Participant Marketing.  People no longer passively observe brands, they engage them directly.  They are not just consumers, they are now Participants. Searchers make decisions based on individual needs and behaviors, including how they navigate the web.  We marketers, in turn, consult our clients on creating and delivering contextually relevant, meaningful content that inspires participation. At Performics, we have found a consistent and repeatable framework for achieving marketing Performance – understanding needs and integrating information that motivates and creates action. The Participation Way:  D+E+C=P2

  • Discovery is about relevancy, or the human desire for knowledge. We must provide information that creates confidence and results in action.
  • We Empower participants through choice and control, and motivate them to provide significant contributions to the product / brand.
  • Humans love to Connect with others in meaningful ways.  We can enable connections by facilitating social interactions, integration, and community.
  • All of this results in increased engagement – action and Participation – leading to increased Performance, or in other words, ROI.

And isn’t that our ultimate goal – to connect participants with the relevant content that enables them to choose to act? Performics has created four key areas of performance to help our clients activate participation. Our methods are based on these pillars:

  1. Visibility is about managing brand exposure, impressions and impact.  How do we structure budgets, campaigns, feeds, media, technology, or platforms that adjust to business / product needs and maximize the likelihood of our advertising being “seen?”
  2. Relevancy is the result of balancing participant need and product / brand positioning.  What types of content, messaging, or delivery and distribution tactics should we recommend based around the decisions / choices facing our customers?
  3. Conversion is the intersection between intent and action.   How do we motivate and measure behavior change?  What real-time data / insight sources impact and improve our results?
  4. Optimization is a relentless pursuit of the scientific method.  How do we collect, report, refine, and propose improvements to our marketing programs that achieve continuously greater conversion goals?

With these pillars as the basis for executing our strategies, Performics continues to increase brand presence and performance for our clients. How can we activate the pillars to help you?

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