Performics Hosts 4th EMEA SEO Conference in Lisbon

70 representatives from 18 markets gathered in Lisbon last week for the 4th annual Performics EMEA SEO conference. The conference was an opportunity for SEO practitioners across the network to discuss best practices and learn about a number of new strategic initiatives designed to build expertise and boost collaborative working in the fast-growing area of SEO.

EMEA ConferenceDay one of the conference was called ‘Changing the Game’ and focused on our engagement with RB. The purpose of the first day was to review strategic learnings from 2015 and communicate the evolution of the global program to the Performics network. The day was divided into presentations and workshops, with Tom Wigley (head of SEO, UK) talking through the 2016 strategy, and other sessions by the London-based SEO team on content marketing, keyword strategy and much more.

At the conference, Jon King (Managing Director, Performics UK) and Jonah Berger (VP, Performance Content, Performics) announced the Performics Worldwide team’s newly launched Performance Content Centre of Excellence (COE) which will include a training library, resource library, new market starter kit, and client handbook. These materials will be made available to all Performics markets to help them enhance their performance content and SEO knowledge, best practices, operations and client engagements.

Mark Waugh (Global Managing Director, Newcast) and Anna Yorke (head of Newcast – Worldwide) spoke about the synergies between Performics and Newcast, and presented examples of successful collaboration between the two brands. Gordana Buccisano (head of Client Solutions) joined forces with the US team to present the plan for elevating client service across Performics, while Michael Kahn (CEO, Performics – Worldwide) spoke about the importance of SEO, not just for Performics, but also for the wider ZenithOptimedia group.

The event was a great success and participants went away with good memories as well as lots of knowledge and materials to share with local teams.

Michael Kahn said:

“The EMEA SEO conference in Lisbon was Performics at its very best. Amazing talent and team getting together to advance our Performance Content/SEO practices across the region and around the world, and have a blast doing so. Great energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurism that are the foundation of our special culture. I look forward to continued momentum in the fastest growing part of our business with this conference being a major contributor to that.”

Jon King added:

“There were three reasons that this was a great conference: the first was getting all the RB teams together to discuss how we deliver the biggest SEO program of its kind in the world, the second was the opportunity to share best practice and case studies from around the network – to see how different markets are bringing performance content to life, and the third was to get to know the people that we normally only see on email chains or hear on conference calls. And the custard tarts are amazing!”


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