Performics Leverages Social & Display to Increase Paid Search Volume & Conversions

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April 17, 2014
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April 22, 2014

Performics Leverages Social & Display to Increase Paid Search Volume & Conversions

Challenge: A large entertainment client sought to increase brand keyword search volume to drive additional conversions. This client struggled to grow volume as it had maxed-out opportunity in low-funnel search tactics. Performics was tasked to drive exponential search volume and conversions while remaining within cost-per-acquisition (CPA) limits. Solution: Performics focused on expanding the client’s campaigns beyond paid search, leveraging upper-funnel tactics to drive brand awareness with the theory that this would—in turn—increase brand search volume.  To expand paid search impression volume, we launched display and social with consistent messaging to accelerate users through the purchase process. With tailored messaging through the participant journey across display, social and search, Performics created 5 unique cross-channel conversion paths, 3 of which relied on Facebook, to drive performance. Results: Social campaigns proved to be a powerful point of growth for the client. Through the 5 unique cross-channel conversion paths, conversions increased by 298% while remaining within CPA parameters. In addition, branded search volume increased by 21% in the first month after launching the display and social campaigns, and branded search volume increased 46% in the second month post-launch.  The campaign proved that strategies display and social can not only drive direct conversions, but also fuel search impressions, which lead to indirect conversions via paid search. RBi case study  

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