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Posted by, Tom McGuane, Account Manager SEO; Paul Stephani, Senior Strategist Bing has re-launched the Bing Business Portal under a new branded name, “Bing Places for Business.” This update doesn’t affect current Bing Business Portal listings other than to move the location to a new URL – By April 29th, all verified listings data are claimed to be migrated over to the new Bing Places for Business location. Below is a screenshot of the new home page of Bing Places: Bing Places Image 1 After the migration is complete, this will be the new home page for all business listings currently verified. Each business with listings in Bing Local should verify that the transition was successful. What’s Changed? The first press release and follow up regarding the new Bing Places for Business doesn’t reveal much about the new platform. The official press release does mention what it now won’t do. From the press release on Bing Blogs:

Also as part of our drive to simplify the experience we are retiring a few business promotion and management services that were being previously offered. Starting today we will no longer provide the option of creating deals, coupons, QR codes and mobile sites as well as removing the ability to create and print collateral for your business. 

It isn’t unclear what the reasoning or perceived improvements are behind the rebranding. It also remains unclear why this expanded functionality has been stripped out or what might replace the business promotion and management services previously offered in Bing Business Portal. However, all of the previously available functionality from the old Bing Business Portal appears in the new platform. In their words, “stay tuned for exciting updates in the coming months.”

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