Performics Retailer Client Leverages Pinterest to Boost Participant Engagement, Traffic & Sales

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March 29, 2012
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April 2, 2012

Performics Retailer Client Leverages Pinterest to Boost Participant Engagement, Traffic & Sales


A Performics’ retailer client sought guidance on which of the many emerging social commerce and shopping platforms to invest time and money into.


As agency partner, Performics indentified Pinterest as a key Q1 2012 opportunity to increase participation and ultimately drive traffic and sales.  During annual planning, we forecasted Pinterest’s impact on the retail vertical and provided the client with potential benefits:

  • Pinterest as a key driver of participant engagement and site traffic referrals
  • Potential that the retailer’s Pinterest page would appear prominently in the organic search results for searches on the retailer’s name
  • Ability to be part of shoppers’ experiences in an environment where they wanted to be

We then recommended Pinterest activation for the retailer by:

  • Adding and promoting “Pin It” buttons to visual native site content
  • Encouraging in-store product photo sharing and pins
  • Claiming its Pinterest page
  • Creating branded boards to act as digital catalogs and trend-style resources
  • Enabling users to contribute to boards
  • Leveraging analytics to derive insights around the most popular content to inform other marketing initiatives.  Making these insights actionable across the organization (for example, insights could impact merchandising, product development and marketing).


Prior to engaging resources on the client side, we added “Pin It” buttons to the client’s product detail pages via proxy technology.  Users are now pinning hundreds of images of the client’s products on Pinterest, increasing traffic and revenue.  This content is also re-pinned (shared), and all the links lead back to the client’s site.

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