Performics SEO Link Round-Up: What’s Happening in SEO Around the Web?

Posted by Sam Battin, Senior Natural Search Specialist

As we do every once in a while, we’d like to present you with a “link round-up” of interesting items pertaining to SEO.

First off is a fantastic table showing the relative compatibilities of different mobile browsers with HTML 5.  For example, if your site uses Web SQL storage, would you be able to help out a visitor who’s using Firefox on an Android browser?  Find the answer to this and many other questions; it can save your design department a lot of time if you know beforehand which elements will work with which browsers.

Next, many retailers are wondering what they should do with their paginated pages vs. their “view all” pages.  Google’s stepped in to offer clear advice on pagination.  According to Google’s tests, people like seeing the “view all” pages more than they like clicking through individual paginated pages, and so Google will now be making a “larger effort” to get your site’s “view all” pages in its results.

On a related note, Google has introduced new tags that make it easier for them to recognize your site’s links to paginated pages.  It’s called “rel=next” and “rel=prev.”  For example, when your long story has “part one,” “part two” and “part three” links, adding these new tags in can make it clearer where the first part is and give that page a better chance for visibility.

In the rumor department, there’s some word that Google is developing a new programming language.  It’s called “Dart” and reportedly it’s designed for “structured Web programming.”  Google’s kept mum about what’s actually in it but it promises to let us know more in October.  We’ll keep our eyes peeled; this could be the new .NET, after all.

If you haven’t noticed, Google Webmaster Tools changed its categorizations of inbound link data.  Tools will still tell you how many links are coming to your site, but now it’s going to be easier to see which links are actually from your site and which are from external sites.  This re-categorization will provide much more accurate numbers, especially if your site uses sub-domains, because now links from your site’s sub-domains won’t be counted as external links.

Lastly, Search Engine Land reports on Google’s prediction that 44% of all last-minute gift searches in Christmas 2011 will be made on mobile phones.  Apparently people who search for products and store locations on mobile phones are more likely to show up and buy something.  Mobile’s only going to keep growing from here on out, so be ready!

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