Performics Soars to New Heights at 2016 Global Conference

Post by Evelyne Rose, Communications Manager, EMEA

More than 100 leaders from across the globe gathered at the Performics Global Conference in Dubai from 15-18 March. Named SOAR, ‘Scaling Operations to Advance Results’, it was the first global conference since ROAR in Singapore in 2014, and focused on achieving operational excellence throughout the Performics network.

Performics global CEO Michael Kahn bounded into the conference room dressed as Tom Cruise’s character Maverick in classic 80s film, Top Gun, high-fiving the audience before taking to the stage in an atmosphere of high energy. Introducing the conference, he said that 2015 was an amazing year for Performics but that 2016-18 will be the best years yet. He also spoke about collaboration and communication as being the key to sustaining growth.

Over the last two years, Performics has acquired several agencies, and Michael Kahn welcomed in particular those people attending from AKM3 (Germany), B2B Group (Czech Republic and Slovakia), Frubis (Argentina) and FirstClick (Australia). Steve King, CEO of Publicis Media, and Tim Jones, CEO of Publicis Media Americas, opened the conference with a session on ‘Publicis Media and the role of Performics’. King thanked everyone in the room for the fantastic results and highlighted the core principles of trust, talent and transformation.

The next two days were packed with a variety of presentations and workshops, based around the key themes of knowledge management, practice centres of excellence, talent development, aligning content and performance, intent-based planning, multi-market operations, and technology. Representatives of the government of Dubai were invited to share their inspiring initiatives that helped to make Dubai SOAR, and three innovative Dubai start-ups went head-to-head in a bid to win 50 hours of consulting from the Performics Chicago team.

Engagement was high throughout the conference, and following two intensive days, Performics leaders were encouraged by Michael Kahn to “Think really big…Go after that billion dollar goal.”

Afterward, Kahn stated, “It was an awesome conference fueled by the energy of our Performics team, the full participation of Publicis Media leadership and the amazing momentum we have behind our brand and practices. Simply stated, it is a great time to be wearing green and the SOAR conference captured that. I want to thank everyone who attended and contributed to this event, and thank all attendees for their commitment to soaring through operational excellence.”

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