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Highlighted below are some of this week’s emerging trends and insights. As trends emerge and change, you will see that the topics covered each week may also vary. United States Performics Authored

  • Mobile Revamp with Facebook Home – It’s ‘people, not apps’.
    • Facebook launched Facebook Home, a complete software integration with your smartphone, taking over your device and turning it into a Facebook phone.
    • The innovative factor is that Facebook Home places content front and center, giving the phone a more “News Feed” approach.
    • Advertisers that respond best to the Facebook OS integration, are ones that create a highly relevant ad experience to their participants.
    • The first phone unveiling Facebook Home pre-loaded and optimized for users launches April 12 and will initially be available on the HTC One and One X, and the Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy S4, and Galaxy Note II.
  • Twitter Trend Optimization – How Social Signals Effect the SERP.
    • Performics uses keywords to create relevant conversations to drive Twitter referral traffic and hopefully increase the SERP ranking of our client’s keyword.
    • At Performics, we take Tweeting one step further and identify the targeted keyword of our client’s Tweet and the landing page that should be included in the Tweet to drive traffic back to our client’s site.
    • Other recommendations we have around Tweeting include; using a call to action, and Tweeting 3 to 4 times a week using the targeted keyword and mapped landing page. 

Channel Insights Social

  • Twitter’s Vine App Update Allows More Sharing, Web-Embedded Video. (MediaPost)
    • Vine now allows app users to share videos posted by others on their own Twitter and Facebook networks.
    • By tapping on the tools icon for any Vine video, a user can send a link that provides video embed tools. The process is a bit involved.
      • The app sends the user an email link that in turn sends the user to a Vine Web site location that includes the video as well as a series of options.
      • The user can choose one of three sizes, have the video embedded without a Vine-branded frame, or have the embedded video include a postcard format that includes the Vine logo.
  • Facebook Highlights Ad Performance In Ads Manager Tool. (Facebook Blog)
    • When marketers create their ads in the ad create tool, they can choose from a selection of advertising goals, including:
      • Get more Page Likes
      • Get new users
      • Increase app engagement
    • An advertiser will also be able to see the calculated cost-per-conversion for each ad, and “if they assign a value to each conversion in their tracking pixel, [Facebook] will calculate the total ‘Conversion Value’ of all conversions for that ad.”


  • Advertising Spending on Yahoo! Is Back in Black. (eMarketer)
    • eMarketer now estimates that Yahoo! will see further growth of 3.2% to $3.28 billion in 2013.
    • eMarketer now estimates net US search ad revenues at Yahoo! will grow 7% to $1.23 billion this year, up from $1.15 billion in 2012.
      • eMarketer previously forecast that net US search revenues at Yahoo! would reach just $1.16 billion this year.
    • Despite increased spending by advertisers, display revenues at the company are still growing far slower than the overall US market, where competitors like Google and Facebook continue to stretch their lead.
  • Google Shopping Express Beta in SF Bay from Select Retailers. (Google)
    • The Google Shopping Express service, will provide  free same day delivery from select major vendors with product prices the same as the brick and mortar stores.
    • Google Shopping Express comes on the heels of similar same day delivery services from major competitors such as Amazon, Walmart (Walmart ToGo) and  eBay (eBay Now).
    • With the help of Google Shopping/Google’s new Marketplace find it at the cheapest price, then based on the users Google search history find related items they’d like.


  • For Ad Clicks, Tablets Outperform Smartphones. (eMarketer)
    • According to Mobile ad-buying platform Adfonic, tablets’ share of mobile ads served on its network climbed from 9% in Q2 2012 to 14% at the end of Q4 2012.
    • Branding campaigns garnered 250% higher clickthrough rates on tablets vs. smartphones.
    • While less than 10% of mobile ads served were purchased via RTBs in Q1 2012, that share climbed to nearly two-thirds in Q4.
  • SMG to Track How Mobile Ads Lead to In-store Visits. (AdAge)
    • Here’s how the mobile tracking works
      • The metric uses location data to illustrate what percentage of customers served a mobile banner ad for a retailer subsequently visited one of that retailer’s stores.
      • PlaceIQ tracks consumers’ locations by analyzing information collected from data partners or bought from publishers and ad networks.
        • Whenever an in-app ad request is served through a network, the network assigns the device a hash ID–a string of numbers and letters designed to anonymize the phone and its user.

Global Insights LATAM

  • eMarketer Report: Digital Video in Mexico: A Growing Viewership Attracts Content and Advertising
    • Video consumption is widespread, but viewers are mostly watching short-form content.
    • According to YouTube data, its video views in Mexico quintupled between 2010 and 2012, and its ad revenues have grown more than 100% annually in recent years.
    • Digital video viewers in Mexico tend to watch music videos (44%) more than any other type, according to a survey from IAB México conducted by Millward Brown. News (29%) and TV series (28%) completed the top three categories.


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