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-Facebook Moves to Wipe Out Fake 'Likes,' But Can't Do Anything About Fat Fingers (AdAge)

  • Facebook is planning a major effort to clean house of fraudulent "likes" on fan pages created by malware, deceived users or fake accounts created for the sole purpose of liking pages
  • Less than 1% of likes on pages will be affected on average, and Facebook's ramped-up automated efforts will focus on rooting out "likes gained by malware, compromised accounts, deceived users, or purchased bulk likes"
  • Expect the number of fans to start dropping next week when Facebook ramps up new technology to find and remove fraudulent ones
  • Read the full article here

-Twitter Beats Facebook in U.S. Mobile Ad Revenues This Year (But Not For Long) (eMarketer)

  • Twitter is expected to earn more revenue from mobile than Facebook in 2012
  • While Twitter's core ad products work well in mobile, it's taken some time for Facebook to figure out how its ads translate to a smaller screen
  • Facebook just began selling its Sponsored Stories news feed ads for mobile earlier this year and will take home just $72.7 million in mobile ad revenue in 2012 compared to $129.7 million for Twitter
  • While mobile revenue accounts for just 2% of 2012 revenue, it will grow to 7% of Facebook's predicted $5.5 billion in display revenue in 2013


-More Than 10 Is The New 10 Blue Links For Bing (Search Engine Land)

  • Bing has been experimenting with showing more than ten search results on a page, while Google is showing seven search results on a page in some cases
  • Now, Bing has decided to stick with the experiment in the June update
  • There seems to be no logic behind when Bing will show ten links on a page, or 12 or 18. Some may see page two of the results showing 15 results, some may see 11 and so on.
  • Read the full article here

-Pinterest Now Sending More Traffic than Yahoo! Search (Shareaholic)

  • Pinterest is now sending more traffic to publishers than organic Yahoo! search results
  • Shareaholic says Pinterest was the fourth biggest traffic source in August among its publishers—beating out Yahoo! organic search, which fell to fifth
  • Overall, Google search was the top traffic source, followed by direct traffic and then Facebook in third
  • Direct traffic, Pinterest and Google referral traffic (presumably Google+ is the largest portion of that, although iGoogle would probably be included there) are all up for the year
  • Read the full article here


-comScore Study: Apple’s Share Of U.S. Smartphone Market Now Over 33%, RIM Drops To Under 10%

  • The study found that Google’s Android continues to lead among smartphone platforms with over 52% market share, an increase of 1.4% since April
  • For the three-month average period ending in July, 234 million Americans age 13 and older used mobile devices
  • More than 114 million people in the U.S. owned smartphones during the three months ending in July, up 7% versus April
  • In July, 75.6% of U.S. mobile subscribers used text messaging on their mobile device (up 1.5 percentage points)
  • Accessing of social networking sites or blogs increased 1.9 percentage points to 37.9% of mobile subscribers
  • Game-playing was done by 33.8% of the mobile audience (up 0.7 percentage points), while 28.3% listened to music on their phones (up 2.5 percentage points)
  • Read the full study here

-Google Report: The New Multi-screen World: Understanding Cross-Platform Consumer Behavior

  • 90% of people move between multiple devices to accomplish a goal
  • Nine out of ten people use multiple screens sequentially
  • 98% of sequential screeners move between devices in the same day to complete a task
  • Smartphones are by far the most common starting point for sequential activity
  • 65% of sequential screeners who search for information begin their research on a smartphone
  • 67% of people have used multiple devices sequentially to shop online
  • Read the full report here

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