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Posted by Cristina Lucero & Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team

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-Mobile Paid Search Heats Up this Summer

  • Mobile CTRs—especially tablet CTRs—continue to outpace desktop, and mobile CPCs remain below desktop
  • In July, mobile took 22.1% of total (desktop + mobile) paid search spend, second only to June (at 22.5%)
  • July set a new record for mobile paid search impression share—at 25.5%—breaking June’s previous record
  • Mobile impression share continues to grow every month in 2012, and is up 137.9% year-over-year
  • Mobile clickshare also peaked in July, at 31.8%
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Channel Insights


-Adapting to a Showrooming World: How Retailers Are Earning Customer Loyalty (eMarketer)

  • More than one-half of smartphone owners say they have used their device for “showrooming”—looking at an item in a store before buying it online from a competitor at a lower price
  • Retailers who inspire customer loyalty have fewer reasons to fear showrooming
  • Friendly employees (73%) and the ability to find the information or help they needed (55%) had the greatest positive impact
  • To entice consumers to visit their stores, retailers’ websites need to go beyond displaying products and prices and in addition communicating the company’s value proposition, such as its expertise and services
  • To help in-store mobile customers, retailers need to do more than provide a mobile-optimized version of their website with basic product information and transactional capabilities


-Google+ Begins Rolling Out Vanity URLs (Mashable)

  • Google+ is introducing vanity URLs, allowing users to further customize their profile pages
  • The vanity URLs are short, easy-to-remember web addresses that link directly to a member’s profile or page on Google+
  • In the past, vanity URLs were only available through third-party applications, such as The app lets you create a short URL for your Google+ page, so you can easily share your profile with friends.
  • Read the full article here


-Google: Sites With More DMCA Takedown Requests Will Rank Lower in Search Results (Search Engine Watch)

  • With the new system, sites which have in the past received a higher number of DMCA takedown requests will be placed lower in a user's Google search results
  • Google noted that it will only penalize sites which have received valid takedown notices from rights holders and that Google itself will not be judging whether a site is infringing on copyrighted content
  • Google has often been asked to stop prominently displaying links to sites thought to offer pirated content, and the news it is overhauling its search results was welcomed by the creative industries
  • Read the full article here

-Geolocation Changes Google Keyword Rankings 69% of Time [Report] (Search Engine Watch)

  • In 69% of cases where a company’s website ranks in the top 30 on Google for one location, it doesn't rank for that keyword across all other locations
  • The report also included an examination of ranking variations across 10 different geolocations; in that case finding that ranking deviated by average of 11 positions
  • Marketers still need to monitor geo-variance across all sectors, they caution, even though some verticals show less variance than others. There are niches within each sector that buck the trend.
  • Read more about the report here



-Blogs Are a Trusted Source for Moms (eMarketer)

  • More than two-thirds of mothers consider blogs to be a reliable resource for parenting information
  • Faith in blog posts spiked among mothers ages 28 to 45, at 72%, and was a bit lower among both younger and older moms
  • After blogs, Facebook was the next most trusted social media network at 64%, followed by YouTube at 36%
  • Mothers are not just reading advice online, they’re also taking it. That can mean that a child-specific product or service endorsed on a blog can soon be in a mother’s shopping cart. 
  • The most common purchase made as a result of a recommendation on a mom blog was that of a book, at 63%

Seasonal Insights


-Back-to-School Shoppers Rely on Smartphones and Social Networks (eMarketer)

  • 65% of U.S. parents who owned a smartphone planned to use the device to assist with back-to-school shopping this year
  • Of U.S. parents who planned to use social networks for back-to-school shopping, 70% will do so to find out about promotions, 49% to browse products and 39% to read reviews or recommendations
  • 20% said Pinterest would be of influence to their shopping trips this year, further demonstrating the impact of social networks on U.S. shopping
  • As retailers prepare for the 2012 holiday shopping season, they should craft their marketing strategies with an eye toward online incentives and smartphone-optimized tools

Global Insights


-Forrester Report: Trends in India’s eCommerce Market

  • The report looks at the changing demands of the online shopper in India and the way in which companies in India are adapting to meet these demands, including:
  • India’s eCommerce market today is small but growing rapidly
  • Online buyers in India are not all concentrated in metropolitan areas
  • As in other emerging markets, a variety of localized payment options is a must

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