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Posted by Cristina Lucero and Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team

Highlighted below are emerging trends and insights from the week of July 18, 2011:

United States

Channel Insights


– Twitter is gearing up for bolder advertisements (Reuters).

  • Twitter is predicted to extend an API to advertisers in Q4. This API could really change the way advertisers interact with Twitter, both for the good and bad. Advertisers will potentially have the ability to automatically deliver Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts, without working through a sales team.
  • Read the full story here.


– More people are turning to online and mobile platforms to find local business information (Local Search Association and comScore).

  • Local searches now account for 13% of all core search activity on top web search portals as of March 2011.
  • Local content now dominates mobile usage behaviors, with subscribers increasingly turning to mobile for information on maps, weather, traffic, retail and other local content.
  • The increasing growth of mobile to local search provides opportunities for local businesses to engage with potential customers via mobile.
  • Read the full story here.

– Mobile changes search in 3 ways: Devise, Desire, and Demography (Yahoo! and Reprise Media).

  • According to the report, the Device is feel, touch, mobility and its form factor are changing – and that’s changing search; Desire is changing as people’s goals in life and on the internet change; Demography is who buys advanced mobile devices is different than the device itself.
  • The future of mobile and the future of devices are important to the future of search.

 – Brands go head-to-head in competition for search terms (eMarketer).

  • L2 Think Tank’s “L2 Digital IQ Index” for financial services, companies found that fully half of credit card brands participated in competitive buying practices on Google—nearly as many as did any paid search advertising on the site—while 20% did so on Bing.
  • According to MarkMonitor, search terms related to hotel booking, nearly half of all advertisers bidding on paid search terms are companies bidding on the competition’s keywords… hotels worldwide are estimated to lose $1.9 billion worth of bookings to competitors because of such practices.

– All paid search ads for AdWords now have the +1 button (Google).

  • The most obvious speculation regarding the influence of +1 on paid search is that +1 counts will directly impact quality score. And similarly for organic search, that +1 counts will become a ranking factor.
  • Within a paid search ad itself, it will probably not ultimately serve a campaign well to focus on +1ing as a call to action, but it would be interesting to test it as a part of a message if space allowed.
  • Read the full story here.


– Mobile auto sites drive traffic faster than web (Jumptap).

  • Traffic to mobile automotive sites is increasing at a much greater rate than their online counterparts.
  • Research showed that those visiting mobile auto content sites were more likely to own a tablet than the overall mobile population, and also much more likely to own a smartphone.
  • According to the study, is the most accessed auto site on mobile, with 17.1 percent of mobile consumers who access auto content visiting the site.
  • Read the full story here.

Online Promotions

– Do daily deals encourage repeat business? (eMarketer)

  • Companies are skeptical about the long-term payoff of daily deals, but they have proven to encourage repeat business.
  • 38% of daily deal buyers said they were already loyal to the business offering a deal. However, nearly a third were new customers and the same percentage had been swayed by a discount after visiting site.
  • 57% of restaurant deal-seeking consumers claimed to have gone back to businesses where they had previously used a daily deal.


Credit Cards

– American Express launches “Link, Like, Love” on Facebook — first-ever platform to deliver deals, access and experiences based on cardmember “likes” and interests (American Express).

  • The offers are tailored according to what users’ and their friends “Like” by using the Facebook Like button on third-party sites or by checking in at a location on Facebook Places.
  • Cardholders can link their accounts to the social location service to get discounts when they check in at certain retailers and restaurants.
  • The idea is to help local businesses expand sales and be able to track the performance social-media campaigns through detailed reports they can review through their own dashboards.
  • Read the full story here.

Back to School

– A Hitwise report on the A, B, C’s of preparing your email programs for Back-to-School (Hitwise).

  • Back-to-school marks the beginning of the online shopping season — when it comes to email in particular, 96 percent of all back-to-school mailings occur during July, August and September.
  • Transaction rates for apparel emails are highest in September, and highest for supplies in July. Apparel brands should look to test mailing more offers in September, and for those brands selling supplies — testing additional July mailings should be strongly considered.
  • Read the full story here.



– Children of gen Xers are key brand influencers (eMarketer).

  • Gen Xers tend to be affected by their children’s requests for certain items. But kids could also be a burden for purchase decisions, if they asked for too many nonessential items.
  • Given the importance family and children play in Gen Xers’ purchase decisions, marketers should make sure their branding appeals to the entire family. Promotional offers and coupons would also appeal to Gen Xers, who are frequently seeking opportunities to save additional money.


– This week, we presented a few insights to the Hispanic Task Force. Below are some of the key takeaways:

  • Nearly half of New Generation Latinos (NGLs) seek more bilingual/bicultural programming and over 30% look for ‘mainstream’ English-only content.
  • Latinos are becoming more wired and Latinas are setting the pace, exercising their freedom of speech, utilizing their technical skills and strutting their social savvy.

Global Insights


– Mobile Advertising Research Study Consumer and Industry Insights – France (Microsoft Advertising).

  • 9 out of 10 French mobile users conduct searches and use email on their mobile handsets.
  • Mobile Ad Exposure drives foot traffic to offline stores that offer coupons. The likelihood to shop at these stores range from 16% to 43% across verticals.
  • Over 4 of 10 mobile users have used an app or browsed to search for Entertainment, Apparel, Consumer Electronics and CPG/FMCG products during the purchase process.


– Europeans show distinct national traits in their approach to online shopping (Forrester).

  • According to Forrester, one area in which the European market will evolve is in convenience, value, and choice to make clothing a significant category across online retailers in Europe.
  • In terms of payment options, credit and debit card payments dominate for online payment, with PayPal building a strong presence.
  • US retailers looking to enter Europe for the first time should look at each country individually and consider which market or markets best match their product mix, branding, and customer offer.


– A snapshot of today’s chinese car buyers (Nielsen Wire).

  • According to a new study by The Nielsen Company, nearly 94 percent of Chinese consumers say that they intend to buy a car in either the short- or long term.
  • Overall, 60 percent of consumers in the study said that they ranked safety as their top consideration when making a car purchasing decision. Price was the second-most important factor (52%) followed by quality (49%).
  • Only 18 % of the 90s generation plans to buy a car in the next year, they already know  what they want when they finally decide to buy a car – Now is a good time for car companies to begin a dialogue with this generation, listen to their ideas, better determine their needs and understand their motivations.
  • Read the full story here.

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