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Posted by Cristina Lucero & Christina Mannarino, Performics Research & Insights Team Hello Everyone! Highlighted below are some emerging trends and insights that maybe of interest to you from November 4th. United States Channel Insights SearchKeyword “Not Provided” By Google Spikes, Now 7-14% in Some Cases. (Google)

  • Google’s new encrypted search for logged in users now appears to be blocking a much higher percentage of search terms than when it initially rolled out two weeks ago.
  • The figure is even more dramatic, however, when you consider it as a percentage of Google-driven keywords. In other words, the 12.87% figure above means that for ALL keywords from ANY search engine to Search Engine Land, 12.87% of them were blocked.
  • If there are significantly more people not yet being included in encrypted search, the percentage of Not Provided queries would likely grow over the coming weeks.

Google Raises Local Search Stakes With New Places SERP. (Google)

  • This change brings a great deal more of the Place Page into the SERP and will become a new focus for local SEOs.
  • Now the “after” SERP, with the Places content moved to the right and organized more clearly. It’s a much more user-friendly display of Places content: hours, location, menu links and links to reviews. There’s also a quick link to directions at the top of the map.

Google Search Algorithm Change For Freshness To Impact 35% Of Searches; Twitter Firehose Remains Off. (Google)

  • Google is rolling out a new search algorithm change that helps make the search results “fresher.”
  • The big news here is that besides for the results being fresher, the results will change for about 35% of all searches.
  • Rewarding freshness potentially introduces huge decreases in relevancy, new avenues for spamming or getting “light” content in, but Google assures that freshness is one component. Google also looks at the content of the result, including topicality and quality.

MobileWebinar with Avinash Kaushik: Mobile Advertising: Right Person, Right Time, Right Message. (Google)

  • Key Takeaways from the mobile webinar:
  • Mobile Analytics Goals: 1) Ad Performance 2) Website Performance 3) Business Performance.
  • Advertising Evolution – PPC ads using phone numbers as headline with a smart message in the body enables participants to take an immediate action.
  • “Non-line” advertising (i.e. LG QR Codes on products in stores) should give more info about that product to help participants with their purchase decision in store.

Mobile Acts as a Megaphone For Review Sites, Search Engines. (MediaPost)

  • Participants tend to give as much credibility to information found on review sites as they do to search engines.
  • When researching a business on their mobile phone, adults are nearly as likely to base their decisions on a review site as a search engine.
  • Participants want to find information about product and services in the least amount of clicks, and most merchant Web sites fall short when it comes to providing information about how others view merchandise.
  • Restaurants remain the most frequented local businesses

SocialStudy finds that Facebook revamp boosts brands’ reach, reduces frequency, study finds, etc. (Facebook)

  • The good news for brands is that fan interaction is up broadly after Facebook’s recent changes.
  • In terms of other types of fan engagement beyond simple clicks to view items, the number of comments rose 5%, the number of “likes” on brand news items rose 15%, and the number of fan wall posts on brand pages rose a modest 3% since F8.

Google Offers partners with Gilt City to offer subscribers time-sensitive deals. (Google)

  • The partnership lets Google Offers subscribers experience offers that are available to Gilt City members.
  • Weekly deals will be available via Gilt Groupe’s Web site, mobile app and email distribution list.
  • “The partnership represents [Google’s] efforts to tap into new audiences and build the presence of Gilt City offers with partners who represent the best of their fields and therefore uphold the integrity of the Gilt City brand.”

Demographics MomsGetting to Know (and Like) the Social Mom. (Nielsen)

  • “Social moms” (defined as females with at least one child who actively participates in social networking) are quite influential.
  • Fifty percent of all moms actively participating in social media access platforms via mobile devices, in comparison to 39 percent of females overall, and 37 percent of the overall population in general.
  • Social moms tend to be cost-conscious, being 56 percent more likely to download coupons than the general population. They are also more likely to shop online for CPG products than other product categories.
  • The research also shows that social moms definitely aren’t shy in sharing their advice and reviews of products with others.

Channel Insights SearchWhat Search Marketers Can Expect From Baidu, Yandex. (MediaPost)

  • Baidu continues to become the Google of Asia, with an advertising keyword-bidding system similar to Google AdWords.
  • In China, Baidu’s ad platform supports advertisers similar to adCenter in the U.S.
  • Yandex has seen no meaningful impact from a slowing economy on its text-based ad products — but had some slight weakness in display from larger advertisers.

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