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Highlighted below are some emerging trends and insights that maybe of interest to you from October 7th: United States

Channel Insights


Facebook unveils a new type of advertising unit and measurement tool to help brands communicate better with users. (Facebook)

  • The new Insights is designed to let administrators of Facebook fan pages see the total audience their content and ads are reaching, going beyond impressions and "Likes."
  • Four metrics will be presented at the top of the page: Total Likes, Friends of Fans, People Talking About This, and Weekly Total Reach.
  • "There's a shift taking place inside Facebook where marketers will not only look to connect with their fans, but look to influence the friends of their fans. Enabling word-of-mouth marketing at scale is a huge opportunity for marketers and for Facebook."

Display & Platforms

Nearly 75% of Consumers Remember an Ad When Viewed Across Media Platforms. (Nielsen Wire)

  • In a media lab study conducted by Nielsen, for groups that saw an ad across all screens – TV, computer, smartphone and tablet – the ability to remember the brand jumped dramatically to nearly three-in-four (74%).
  • Similarly, 39% of the group that saw the ad across all screens remembered specific details about the ad, as opposed to 22% who were only exposed to the TV ad.
  • While research shows that TV remains the strongest driver of awareness, the study demonstrates that the addition of online and mobile campaigns returns the highest overall brand impact.

A look at how display builds brands for marketers today, examples and best practices. (Google)

  • Focus on three key areas:
    • Connecting with the right participant at the right moment – it’s increasingly important for brand marketers to create device-inclusive, rather than device-specific, campaigns.
    • Engaging them emotionally – The best display ads don’t just leverage sight, sound, and motion, but also harness display’s interactive capabilities that drive deep engagement with a brand.
    • Measuring more robustly – Looking beyond simple clicks and conversions, brand marketers use Campaign Insights to measure increased awareness and interest through the lift in search queries and website visits.

Mobile & Tablets

comScore: Mobile Approaches Tipping Point, Driving Incremental Web Traffic. (Media Post)

  • 48% of America's 112 million mobile phone users now regularly use their devices to access media content, other than voice or text, and that number will tip the halfway mark by the end of the year.
  • Smartphones and tablets – now account for nearly two-thirds (64.4%) of all non-personal computer-connected Web access, and are growing fast.
  • While mobile traffic still is a tiny slice of the total Internet (just 0.2%), it is adding significant incremental reach for specific categories of content.
    • Mobile boosts traffic to online mapping services 56.8%, and increases the duration of time users spend on mapping sites by 9.2 times.

OK, You're Underwhelmed, but Here's Why iPhone 4S Is a Big Deal for Marketers. (AdAge)

  • Think about the cross-screen experience – These are people transitioning seamlessly across media, and your brands need to be just as portable and adaptable.
  • Keep an eye (or ear) on voice search – If people turn to voice recognition at the start of their search process that could materially change search engine marketing.
    • Google still wields exceptional power here with its exceptional voice tech coupled with its vast Android install base. Apple never had a dog in the search race before though, and it could play spoiler.

Why online marketers need to rethink "stickiness." (Smart Blog on Social Media)

  • For years, companies have chased and measured “stickiness” – the amount of time spent on a website, but must now develop interactions that are more efficient.
  • Almost half of smartphone owners reported using their device in intervals of five minutes or less at least 10 times a day. This means they are only engaged for about 12 five-minute sessions scattered throughout the day.
  • Stickiness has become more about frequency than duration, and the most agile brands have learned to adapt to this mobile reality.


Google To Debut Enhanced Ads. (Google)

  • Google is on a quest to make Internet advertising look more like the Sunday paper.
  • Web surfers will find the circular-style advertising, which shows multiple pictures and large type, by clicking on search ads. The service will automatically craft the promotions based on factors such as query topics and the location of users.
  • This approach increases click- through rates from 15 percent to more than 50 percent, depending on the number of extra links there are in the ad.

Seasonal Events


NRF Releases 2011 Holiday Forecasts. (NRF)

  • Holiday retail sales for 2011 are expected to increase 2.8 percent to $465.6 billion
    • While that growth is far lower than the 5.2 percent increase retailers experienced last year, it is slightly higher than the ten-year average holiday sales increase of 2.6 percent.
    • Additionally, the substantial year-over-year gains for the 2010 holiday season will create more difficult comparisons for retailers to achieve this year

 -Dreaming of An M-Christmas: M-Shopping May Soar This Holiday. (Mojiva)

  • In Mojiva’s latest survey, 56% of participants would find their phone most useful to obtain product information and the same number targeted coupons and sale info.
    • More than half of users (23%) expect their phones to be useful in getting product reviews, and 51% would expect to find store hours.
    • Almost a third (32%) believed that buying products on their phone would be helpful. There seems to be a considerable willingness at least to entertain the possibility of buying merchandise on mobile devices.
    • When it comes to holiday purchases, as much as 40% of mobile users are comfortable spending at least $50 on a single gift via a mobile purchase.

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