Pinterest Updates Ad Solutions: Leverage Promoted Pins to Target Customers Throughout the Funnel

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June 15, 2015
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Pinterest Updates Ad Solutions: Leverage Promoted Pins to Target Customers Throughout the Funnel

Post by Christine Hickey, Media Director, and Nonie Carson, Marketing Specialist

Pinterest just announced a suite of new products and services rolling out this summer to help accelerate brand success on the visual bookmarking tool.  With nearly 73 million users, Pinterest’s latest updates—which include both targeting, cost improvements and new ad units—will help brands build awareness and visibility in front of the right audience, at an efficient cost.

Advertisers should be excited about updates to Pinterest products as targeting Pinners through the discovery and purchase journey is now possible. With platform maturity and incremental data aggregation of user actions, Pinterest has gained better insight into user behavior, reporting that Pinners use the platform to discover, save and plan for future events.

Image from Pinterest

Image from Pinterest


The new suite of ad solutions includes four updates:


  • A new ad format will soon be available on Pinterest called Cinematic Pins. These pins are motion-based, and can be controlled through scrolling.
  • App Pins will soon be promotable, creating new opportunity for brands to target the 80% of Pinners accessing Pinterest through mobile devices
  • Buy Now Pins will allow users to purchase a product directly within the Pinterest app


  • New Promoted Pin targeting is available based on interests or life stages


  • The Pin Factory is available to help advertisers put images and text behind their Promoted Pins. Now, advertisers can manage content creation by working with one of Pinterest’s new Marketing Developer Partners


  • Advertisers can now pay for Promoted Pins on a cost-per-engagement (CPE) model. This is in addition to the existing pricing options of cost-per-thousand (CPM) and cost-per-click (CPC).
  • App Pins will soon be available on a cost-per-action (CPA) basis


Advertisers should take advantage of the new suite of products and services:

  • Create a Buying Strategy: Pinterest opened up its ads’ API to third-party partners so that advertisers can purchase Promoted Pins on a CPC basis
    • Separate Pinterest buying strategies between evergreen traffic-driving tactics and larger impression/reach buying tactics
      • Brands should take a test and learn approach: Consider traffic-driving pins and Buy Now Pins for more product-focused ads, while larger impression/reach Pins could message more aspirational or inspirational ad copy
  • Understand the Pinner: Pinterest’s audience is unique because users tend to “Pin” for purchases they will make later (ranging from a week, to a month, or longer).
    • Leverage insights into user behavior for pricing and creative decisions. Pinterest is now making it easier for brands to tailor ad products to the native behaviors of Pinners
      • Keep in mind path-to-purchase might take longer on Pinterest compared to customers who visit a brand’s product page from a pay-per-click ad on the search engine results page (SERP)
  • Unique Targeting Opportunities:
    • User behavior on Pinterest is unique because it exposes information about stages in Pinners’ lives. For example, if a user creates a “wedding board,” they’re most likely planning a life stage by preparing for their wedding. Pinterest’s new targeting guarantees advertisers can reach Pinners based on information about:
  • Emerging Opportunities:
    • Brands can get a leg up on competition by starting to have conversations with Pinterest about how to integrate the Buy Now feature into their current Pinterest ad buys. Brands should keep in mind that because the product would be purchased directly within the app itself, these pins will not direct traffic to a brand site.

To learn more about Pinterest product and service updates, please contact your performance account team today.



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