Increasing Co-Ops Market Share & Revenue

Increasing Co-Op’s Market Share & Revenue

Professional, knowledgeable, innovative – and a serious force on the digital marketing scene in Australia.”

-Head of Digital


The Co-op, Australia’s largest member-owned retailer and largest provider of educational, professional and learning resources, sought to increase the market share for all book products. With this plan, Co-op could provide staff and students with a wider range of products, including electronics, mobile services and beauty/fashion necessities.


The Co-op wanted to reach new non-members (specifically targeting professionals: lawyers, doctors, accountants) and existing Co-op members who are unaware of the Co-op’s progression as a member-owned retailer rather than an on-campus text book store.


In order to increase market share, The Co-op focused on targeting and reactivating their vast database of inactive historical members.

After reviewing The Co-op’s site, restricted user navigation options limited cost efficient visitor acquisition.  To overcome this, we devised a strategy focusing on remarketing, shopping ads and cost-saving creative aimed to target customers on four levels: Generic online shopping terms, Category terms, Author terms and Product title terms.


In the first five months that Performics and The Co-op collaborated, the product strategy revenue increased by 383% while The Co-op’s paid search market share increased 15 times. Our strategy and custom applications, along with data feeds and site modifications by The Co-op team, allowed for the launch of an extremely profitable paid search campaign and much greater share of the overall market.

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