Increasing Sales & Search for ONO Through Media Plan

Increasing Sales & Search for ONO Through Media Plan


ONO operates in a very aggressive and competitive industry, where the offline and online advertising sector is controlled by enormous companies like Movistar, Orange or Vodafone, companies with advertising budgets five times larger than ONO’s. In this situation, it is an imperative for ONO to make the most of its online and offline media budget in order to maximize every sales channel.


Performics leveraged the following resources to increase sales and search:

  • Touchpoints: Our own, unique tool of the group gave us the magic recipe to make the most of our media plan.
  • Ninah: Our specialized division in attribution and econometric models measured the effectiveness of all media on the sales generation.
  • We increased efficiency on the online media using segmentations based on user’s data, conversion’s funnel optimization, A/B testing, dynamic ads, landing page optimization, content personalization and programmatic buying.


Performics’ implementations achieved the following:

  • 21% decrease in CPA
  • 27% increase in sales
  • 21% increase in brand’s search
  • Becomes the 2nd online sales source
  • Digital channel increases its sales points by 5 percentage points
  • Awarded the Best European Integrated Campaign (Gold)

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