Maximizing Results with a Limited Budget

Maximizing Results with a Limited Budget

How a Campaign Restructure Improved Performance


Moe’s Southwest Grill’s SEM budget is optimized towards the top performing markets driving conversions. This leaves a limited amount of budget to cover paid advertising in lower performing markets. Performics proposed a franchise solution where markets could fund their own paid search efforts, ensuring necessary coverage. Moe’s Southwest Grill agreed to this dual method of advertising.

During the test phase, the franchisee wanted to launch with a lean monthly budget. To prevent overlap with existing markets, the target radius was restricted to 30 miles from the location.


Performics created one campaign that housed all of the “catering” terms for the franchisee. After a two week benchmark period, optimizations were required to capitalize on efficiency.

The franchisee catering campaign was broken out to create a Top Performing Catering campaign. The converting terms were moved to this Top Performing group and given budget priority.


  • Clicks increased by 40%
  • CTR increased by 900%
  • CPCs improved by 42%
  • CVR increased by 723%.
  • Prioritizing the budget to the highest converting terms allowed revenue to climb 1238%

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