Merial Helps Pets Find Homes Through Social Channels

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December 14, 2015
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December 23, 2015

Merial Helps Pets Find Homes Through Social Channels

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Merial Helps Pets Find Homes Through Social Channels


Merial, a global animal health company, offers products to help enhance the health and well-being of animals. Since there is a high demand in Taiwan for purebred dogs, Merial decided to launch a project to help homeless dogs find caring homes.


Merial’s target audience included pet owners, ages 25-44, who have the capability to handle additional pets that needs a sufficient amount of attention.


Performics developed a plan to engage consumers to adopt another pet:

  • Public event invites sent out through social media
    • Facebook celebrities endorsed the ads, which were used to reach potential adopters
  • Partnered with the number one social platform: PIXNET
  • Provided 5 animal shelters in Taiwan with care packages for adopted dogs
    • The more the pet owners engaged in social sharing, the more care packages Merial gave away


  • More than 5,000 people adopted homeless dogs
  • 1,500 adoption stories were uploaded to social media, generating 10,000 shares
  • 100,000 unique users browsed Merial’s website
  • 10,000 adoption packages were delivered to animal shelters, equivalent to $6 million dollars
  • Ad created by Performics generated 7 million impressions
  • $2 million generated from free exposure on TV and news channels

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