Providing Maximum Sales within a Budget Constraint

Providing Maximum Sales within a Budget Constraint


In a multichannel media strategy, Parc Asterix of Paris sought to find the best investment allocation in order to generate maximum sales within a budget constraint.


Parc Asterix sought to identify the optimum investment share to maximize sales for each channel according different levels of media budget:

  • Defined a media CPA multichannel and single channel for each amount of global budget
  • Developed a specific modeling methodology based on consumer microeconomics applied to media investments optimization
  • Collaboration between our Business Efficiency department and Channel Experts
  • Channels utilized:
    • SEA
    • Display Branding
    • Display performance
    • Retargeting
    • Affiliation


With the same annual media investment, Performics’ recommendation included doubling the amount invested in Paid Search services, keeping the same investment in channels such as Display Performance and retargeting, and reducing others, all in order to maximize sales.

  • Turnover increases by 56%*
  • CPA decreases by 36%*

*In theory.

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