Reaching Intended ROI and Revenue Targets for

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March 10, 2016

Reaching Intended ROI and Revenue Targets for Logo

Reaching Intended ROI and Revenue Targets for

“We wanted to partner with an agency that worked to really understand the dynamics of our business…

-Sales & Marketing Director

Challenge, an online shopping site with a wide range of products, was not reaching its intended targets for revenue and ROI. Revenue needed to be addressed quickly through a more sophisticated search campaign aimed at urgently generating revenue-converting customers.

Consumer sought to reach both existing customers and new customers who were previously inclined to conduct research online and purchase offline.


Performics implemented a phased optimization approach with an overarching strategy to entice customers to convert online as opposed to researching online and purchasing offline. The strategy focused on data analysis, building a solid and extensive campaign, automating processes and conversion rate optimization.


Performics achieved’s desired ROI targets within first month of launching the campaign. The ROI increased 52% over 3 months, revenue increased 43% and CPA decreased 25% within 12 months.

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