Price-Conscious Holiday Shoppers Turn to the Internet

Posted by Cristina Lucero, Research Associate

Early data shows that holiday shoppers will be extremely price conscious this year.  And this could benefit Web sales.  According to eMarketer, “Price-conscious [participants] will shift more of their gift spending from stores to the internet in order to take advantage of web features that make it easy to compare prices and find good deals.” 

  • The biggest incentive to shopping online is free shipping (cited by 74%) followed by finding better discounts (60%) (Accenture)
  • 53% plan to start holiday shopping earlier this year than last.  70% of shoppers believe that—because retailers recognize shoppers are struggling financially—retailers will offer better prices and discounts than last year (

This means that search marketers should focus on promoting deals and free shipping in ad copy, as well as providing landing pages that either highlight deals or create a sense of extra value in shoppers’ minds.

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